More and more of our interaction online occurs on mobile devices.  Over five billion mobile subscribers – about 77% of the world’s population – are online (Source: The International Telecommunication Union). This new type of simple access for consumers is catching on with a staggering amount of smartphone owners purchasing goods and services from their phones.

So how do you capitalize on this new mobile technology? The answer is relatively simple: set up a mobile application and/or set up your website to be natively friendly to mobile browsing.

Mobile Apps are internet applications designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices. According to, mobile applications help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers. While opportunities abound, we have identified three advantages of using mobile apps for your business: speed, volume of information, and advertising.

If you want to increase your bottom line, you need your own mobile app.


Here are some ways your app will help grow your business:

  • Make your phone ring more by giving people a way to simply tap their phone to reach you.
  • Breed repeat buyers by rewarding customers for buying from you with a “check-in coupon system.”
  • Reel customers in your doors by sending out coupons, discounts, sales and specials with PUSH notifications. These are wildly successful and this technology alone will significantly change your business for the better.
  • Stay front-of-mind for your customers by putting your brand on their smartphones where they’re spending all their time. That’s where they’re searching for solutions to their problems, so get your business in the palms of their hands!
  • Prove to the people who haven’t bought from you yet that you’re worth doing business with by integrating customer testimonials into your app.
  • Give your business the opportunity to go viral with the “Share this App” button.
  • Engage with your customers. It’s easier to sell to someone who has done business with you before. We all know that. So make it easy for them to choose you again by giving them something of value via your own custom mobile app.

Mobile App Advantages

A mobile app is a small program that resides on a smartphone, iPad or Android tablet and fulfills a sales, marketing or training objective by delivering a useful tool to your target market. With the power of today’s phones, apps can do some really great things – from letting you know what’s going on in your area, to calculating exchange rates, movie times, social media interactions, alerting you to traffic information, providing entertainment and letting you know about special offers. There are over 200,000 mobile applications out there today performing a huge range of tasks. Apps tend to be small, self-contained and focused on solving one unique task.

App Benefits

  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Creates deeper engagement
  • Drives more loyalty
  • Puts your branding on your customers phones
  • Delivers important feedback to your company
  • Creates new revenue stream and ultimately more profits
  • Enables easy sharing of your content between mobile users
  • Reduces costs to your business through automation
  • Attracts new customers
  • Improves customer service

App advantages over a website or traditional software

  • Specifically built for mobile devices, so they tend to be small and quick to download and update
  • Reside on the device (smartphone or tablet) so you don’t need to rely on an internet connection
  • Limited purpose – keeps development time and cost manageable
  • Helpful mobile tool that your audience continually uses and depends on
  • Keeps your brand in in front of your customer who is on-the-go

What makes a useful/successful app? Good apps:

  • Provide value
  • Are addictive by becoming a tool that people rely on
  • Are convenient and easy to use
  • Are cross-platform across the most common mobile devices
  • Deliver good ROI


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