Mobile learning is considered to be the ability to use mobile devices to support teaching and learning. It is the ‘mobile’ aspect of mobile learning that makes it stand apart from other types of learning, specifically designing learning experiences that exploit the opportunities that ‘mobility’ can offer us.

Mobile learning represents a way to address a number of our educational problems.
Devices such as smart phones and tablets enable innovation and help students, teachers,
and parents gain access to digital content. Mobile devices, used in conjunction with near
universal 4G/3G wireless connectivity, are essential tools to improve learning for students.
As noted by Irwin Jacobs, the founding chairman of Qualcomm, Inc., “always on, always
connected mobile devices in the hands of students has the potential to dramatically improve
educational outcomes.”

Mobile learning is one of the solutions we must embrace in (South Africa) Education.

Appz Mobile built the first Android App for a national subject called CAT. Grade 12 learners highly benefited from the app while they prepared for final exams. View the app here -

Read newspaper article paper here

Educational apps must be build for every FET subject, to prepare learners for the future of discovery learning.

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