Agile Software Development

Each web or application software development project is a chain of activities focused on rapid fulfillment of the task. Our IT software works directly the way you want it to. Agile methods presuppose self-organization and motivation of our developer teams, as well as prompt reactions to any change. In the end you receive working software. Any smartphone app development project has a number of iterations, each performed as many times as it is necessary.


You have an idea. How detailed is it? Do you know the way it is supposed to work? Will it be web software or an application? Our consultancy is here to answer your questions while you define the purpose. Initial communication and consulting will help us gather pieces of the puzzle together and form the vision of the outcome. The more details our developers find out, the more precise our task will be. Then comes the software application development stage itself.


Here we start assembling the puzzle. We decide on more details discovered in the process, frequently and closely coordinating our work with you. We are always in touch while eliminating the problems and directing the application development. Therefore we shape the idea into something tangible and react to the changing requirements and circumstances.


QA makes your app run its systems clockwork. It begins when the puzzle is finally brought together – now we see how well they fit. The time for final tests of the elements’ correlation. Quality is defined as the combination of reliability, efficiency, security and maintainability. Our final look through the entire puzzle to find the last missing pieces, if any.


The last ball is in the pocket as you receive the working software product. But surely this does not mean we quit communicating. If you desire to add new features to your product or acquire a new version of it – then the agile development cycle starts over.

Appz Mobile is always open to a new successful cooperation, and our consultants are ready to listen to your suggestions. Wherever you are – from the UK to Canada, from the USA to Europe, in London or in Capetown – bring us your ideas and concepts. With our agile assistance you can have them brought to reality.

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