Android OS is known as an open platform for the development of innovative mobile applications and games. It was originated by a group of companies known as Open Handset Alliance, led by Google Inc. The platform is based on Java applications running on a Java-based object-oriented application framework. Java core libraries run on Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation. Appz Mobile is a choice to outsource Android development with convenience and precision.

Android OS presents its own benefits among other mobile platforms:

  • based upon a modified version of Linux kernel;
  • license-free, royalty-free and open-source platform;
  • can be distributed in a variety of ways.


These and other advantages made Android application development services a popular solution within various spheres of business. Software product owners also win one of the widest audiences possible. While Google opens the doors to every feature that can be built into your apps, MobiDev brings in unique Android GUI and widget designs. You choose the way of going mobile with our offshore Android software development.



The diversity of mobile devices is the main reason for the unceasing popularity of Android. Its tangible benefits and Google’s support ensured one of the leading market positions. As an experienced offshore Android app development company, Appz Mobile creates and develops custom software with the integrated abundance of Google services. We make offshore Android application development an efficient option for your projects. Google is known for engaging software developers into new and interesting projects that can enrich Google Play. The rapidly growing application store and a huge audience make custom Android application development a worthy investment.

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